The Kuu…

So, being that this is the first ever post, I need to really start off with something that I am passionate about. Do I want to bring something that I really, REALLY hate to the table? Or should I go the other routs and tell you about one of my ALL-TIME favorites?

Dinner at Sushi Kuu in Lake Hiawatha, NJ

Sushi is such a great food, and there seems to be a million places you can go to find it. Some are acceptable, some are not all that good and sometimes you can grab some sushi in the supermarket (this one REALLY throws me). But, when you find a great place, you frequent it often, and that is what has been found in Sushi Kuu. The most amazing thing about Sushi Kuu is that they have never disappointed me with the servings or the quality of the fish, crab, lobster… you name it.

Him – Whenever we order from the Kuu, there are a few staples (Firehouse Roll, Spicy Crunchy Tuna). Truth be told, there is never a bad order, but when you actually go and sit in the restaurant, the specials make it truly worth the trip. Some of the stand out offerings are the Tempura Basil, Tempura Jalapeno filled with Spicy Tuna (JAPANESE POPPERS!!!) and the Scallop Ceviche. All in all, this is a required stop on ANY Foodie’s tour of the state of NJ.

Her – Personally for me Sushi Kuu is not just food, but art. When they place your order in front of you it looks to perfect to even eat. The most amazing part for me is I have never seen the same dish plated the same way twice, which is impressive because we frequent this little hole in the wall A LOT. My personally all time favorite at this place is the Christmas Roll. This isn’t your normal Christmas feast this baby is a combination grilled salmon rolled up with crunchy onion and topped with the lobster meat. If that doesn’t make your mouth water then try a Yankee Roll, and no it’s not just because we are Yankee fans. They take tuna, salmon, red snapper, caviar & spicy crab meat mix all topped off with special sauce (I don’t know what’s in this magically sauce but honestly I don’t care because its perfection on sushi).

We – The Kuu is a personal favorite of both of us. Whenever you are in the area, this is a must stop.


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