Maze New York

When we have a night out in New York City dinner is a forgone conclusion. Therefore the meal has to be more than just good food, and Gordon Ramsay’s Maze did NOT disappoint. Maze is located in a prime location for visitors to NYC. A few blocks from Radio City and Central Park, and still walking distance from the iconic Times Square. This makes Maze a prime spot when going to a show, which exactly why we both had the prefix 3 course theater menu.

Her – Maze, for me, is a memorable night that I will remember forever. Well alright, maybe not as memorable as Wimbledon will be for Federer and Murray.  But still the service was impeccable from the moment I stepped in the door I really felt like these people wanted nothing but to make sure we had an amazing night overall, and the ambiance was right in line with this feeling.

For my first course I had the tomato and fresh buffalo mozzarella. This dish sounds so simplistic but yet the flavors were beyond simple. As silly as it may sound this was the best tomatoes and mozzarella I have ever had. Granted no cooking was involved but it was still an incredibly memorable. Next I had squid ink risotto, now I am one of of those people who eat with my eyes first so when this was place in front of me I cannot lie…I was scared. After the first bite I must say Maze NYC has ruined risotto for me, in a good way. It was amazing! Perfectly cooked, creamy and the cheese flavor still carried over the fish taste of the squid ink. Finally I finished off with the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and walnut praline ice cream. Now I have never been a huge fan of carrot bake but I figured if I was going to like it somewhere it would be here. And I was right, it was a delicious ending to an amazing meal.

Him – Where to begin, this night held so many amazing memories for me that it is a rush to get them all back. The overall experience ranging from the food to the drink to the service to the company were all amazing. I have to say, even the bar service was beyond anything I have ever experienced before. Also, a special thanks to the hostess who, after a little coaxing from HER, brought us back for a tour of the kitchen (I was sincerely awe-struck).

So, when we sat down and look at the menu, I knew what my courses were immediately. As a starter, I had the Tuna and Yellow-fin Carpaccio with a Ponzu sauce and as basic as it may sound, the flavors were spot on and each bite of the perfectly plated fish melted in your mouth with the little resonance of the slightly sweet ponzu. For my main, I had the Long Island Duck Breast and, to be completely honest, the sides and the broth are lost on me because the duck REALLY held court here. Finally, I ordered the Valrhona chocolate fondant with green cardamom caramel sea salt and almond ice cream. Now, I like chocolate and brownies and such, but this was something COMPLETELY amazing. The way that the salt brought out the real flavor of the chocolate and the almond ice cream acted like a sweet cooling sip of milk to wash everything down with.

We –  The meal at Maze NYC ensured we would be return to a Ramsay restaurant in the near future.


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