Kuma’s Corner – A Him Exclusive

2900 W Belmont Ave Chicago Il – Home of the most outrageous burgers

Him – The moments that define your dining life are the moments that you long to relive and that is EXACTLY the situation with Kuma’s Corner. I was out in Illinois for a few days and knew that, without a doubt, Kuma’s Corner HAD to be one night’s dinner. Having reviewed the menu ad nauseum and with burgers like the Lair of the Minotaur, the Iron Maiden and the High on Fire , I was already sold on The Slayer and since the company I traveled with were not the Heavy Metal types, we called and ordered take out and were not disappointed. The Slayer (as you’ll see in the video below) is the equivalent of an order of loaded fries if they were really, REALLY mad at you. The burger is cooked perfectly, seasoned with only some salt and pepper, rested on top of a pile of waffle cut fries and THEN the madness begins with chili, andouille sausage, cherry peppers, a mound of jack cheese and, as is mentioned in the menu description, ANGER! This was the greatest dining experience that I have ever had alone and TRULY hope to have again. If you find yourself in the Chicago area, this is a MUST try for anyone who likes cold beer, loud, AGGRESSIVE tunes and some of the best damn burgers ever made

Verdict – If you couldn’t tell, I am planning another trip to Chicago ALMOST for the sole purpose of dining here again. If you have the chance, GO… IT IS A MUST.


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