The Larder

During our flawless trip to Dublin, IE, we were wandering around and decided to try something off the beat path. Truthfully we were walking down an alley and smelt the aroma from the kitchen. At that moment we made an executive decision that this would be our dinner. That is when we discovered The Larder.

Her – Since we were on vacation in a city I had never been before I decided to be adventurous and try something I don’t typical eat, pork. I ordered the Crackling Pork Belly spring onion mash, apple & raspberry chutney, star anise sauce (you should of seen the look of shocked on HIS face as the words came out of my mouth to the waiter). For me pork is just one of those foods I never really order or even cook at home, so for me to order this was completely out of left field. But it pleases me to say this dish converted me to pork fan. The meat was succulent and cooked perfectly and the star anise sauce combined with the meat was flawless. I had personally never tried crackling before but it such a bold texture to the dish that I just could not get enough of it. Even the spring onion mash were cooked perfectly, they were creamy, smooth, and the onion was not heavy so it did not to over power the dish but the flavor still came across beautifully. Seriously a fantastic dish and restaurant.

Him – So, The Larder looked kind of like a little cafe or wine bar at first glance. When we walked in and the wait-staff was very helpful and attentive, even though when we arrived the place was pretty packed. As for my dinner, I went with a Pan Fried Duck Breast and potato and watercress cake with tender stem broccoli and a port and madera jus with Griotte cherries. I like to order duck breast when I go out because it is not common place ingredient I get to cook with often. And the Larder did NOT disappoint. The breast was amazing, the cherries and jus were just that right hint of sweet and tart to go with the perfectly cooked duck and the potato cake was an AMAZING little bed to soak up all the run off and give you that last fond memory of the excellence that was just devoured.

Also, just one more note, the staff here were the friendliest and most accommodating staff that I can recall. From the review of the menu and the specials right down to when we were leaving.

We- Honestly if we ever find ourselves in Dublin again, it is agreed that we will most definitely include a trip here. As this one will stick to our ribs forever.


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