Maze London

The menu at Maze London

Both of us were excited to go to Gordon’s restaurant Maze in London because of the amazing experience we previously had at the New York location.  From the second we walked in the staff was nothing but friendly and courteous exactly what you would expect. However the atmosphere was lack luster. It was a warm May day and inside that restaurant it is was HOT and sticky, like a humid July day in NYC. Saying we were uncomfortable is and understatement. We literally sweat through the entire dinner. So with the crappy temperature the food would need to be amazing to make the torture of sitting in that sauna worth it.

Her – I ordered three dishes (as the restaurant does a small plate tasting menu). I started with the carpaccio of beef, bone marrow vinaigrette, celeriac and galangal ginger, it was heavenly. The bone marrow vinaigrette pair with the meat beautifully. This dish made me wish the menu was not small plate because I wanted more. I followed with the arctic king crab, wasabi, mango, chilli, pickled mouli, and I was overall disappointed. King crab is one of my favorite foods so I was absolutely thrilled for this dish to arrive. However it was tasteless and that’s really all I can say. There was basically a itty bitty tinny amount of crab and no taste or even the slightest hint of wasabi or chilli. The mango over powered the entire plate, which is a shame because in a dish like this the king crab should be the star. Finally I finished my meal with the dumpling of lobster, langoustine and salmon, kaffir lime leaf, aromatic broth. Once again I was a bit let down. The course before HE had the pork dumplings which were were extremely more satisfying. Basically the two dumpling dishes were the same, the only difference being one has pork and the other lobster, so take my word on this one go with the pork.

Honestly, in my opinion, Maze NYC blows Maze London out of the water in all aspects.

Him – Having been to MAZE in NYC and having the utmost respect for Gordon Ramsay’s cuisine, this dinner was booked with the highest of expectations which were only generally met. My dinner included 3 of the signature small plates, all of which TRULY blew me away. First was the artfully displayed and amazingly delicious Pressed chicken and foie gras, orange and hazelnuts, and as a first time foie gras diner, I understand what people are raving about. The textures and richness played AMAZINGLY off of one another. Next dish brought to me was the Pork dumplings with radish and aromatic mushroom broth. Now, I know what you have to be thinking, “Why would you order a pork dumpling?”, to answer that question, “It is a dumpling crafted in a Gordon Ramsay kitchen”. This was the most fragrant, flavorful and, honestly, elegant dumpling I have ever consumed. Finally, the coup de grâce, the Braised feather blade of beef, pomme purée and shimeji mushroom. As a guy that is not particularly fond of mushrooms, I expected to leave them on the plate, but being the foodie I am, I almost ate the plate itself. The mushrooms soaked in all of that amazing jus from the beef, the puree was a delicious pillow on which the tender and succulent beef rested. After the meal, we shared a desert that was ultimately forgettable (a Daiquiri sorbet with a granola and a granola and yogurt sandwich).

Overall, if it wasn’t for the lack of some sort of climate control and an uninspiring desert, the overall experience in MAZE London would have been truly amazing, but as it stands, MAZE New York hold the crown.

Us – Generally the food was good, but make sure to go in a time when the heat isn’t overbearing.


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