About Us

So here we are… To start, here is a little about us…

Him – I am a foodie from the NY/NJ Metropolitan area that loves to cook and eat and talk about food. In my travels through out New Jersey, New York and even abroad I have tasted some amazing meals, but I have also come across a few stunningly terrible ones.

Her – I am a converted foodie (thanks to “Him”). But honestly I’m thankful for it. My favorite part of going out to eat is critiquing the good, the bad, and the ugly…as long as we are doing it together because alone it just feels mean.


As long as we are dining together no dish is safe. If you are a hole in the wall bistro we’ll find you or if your a Michelin Star restaurant we’ll see you for dinner soon enough. We love it all, especially the food part. Hopefully we can help you stay away from the awful and find the amazing.

So, read on and share a plate…. We always do


2 responses to “About Us

  1. I love this….and I love your adventure, featuring not only the eating experience, but the ambiance surrounding it. Good Luck with this blog….I will be watching for more of your insight …

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